Working since 2012

About Amber Festival

Amber Festival Recovery Centre is a drug and substance abuse recovery center. We are a state of the art facility that utilizes the latest expertise and research-based interventions to treat addiction. Our 100-bed capacity facility located at St. Clement Island, Maryland is home to those who are swamped in addiction and want to renew their lives.

Our Motto: Hope for a Renewed Life

Our mission

To equip individuals with the required tools for addiction recovery.

To help create social support systems for recovering addicts.

To educate the masses on the risks associated with heroin and drug abuse.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a drug free society. Through psychoeducation, we hope to save someone from the dangers of heroin and drug addiction.

Our blog section has useful information on the heroin and the various illicit drugs.

We would also love to see a society where addicts receive timely, quality interventions. Our treatment programs are intensive and holistic.

We have a program that supports our clients after treatment. The alumni program is a tailor-made relapse prevention strategy for those who require it.

We strive to be the support system for the families and friends of addicts. We offer a leaning shoulder to the families affected by addiction in one way or the other.