My Tips For Stay Productive And Organized

I figured it was time to write another blog post, one of the concepts I’ve been really interested in recently is how to increase my productivity and decrease the amount of time I spent procrastinating. Procrastination is something I know a lot of people have to deal with. This article by Forbes was a pretty interesting read on the subject. I quickly realized that my procrastination was mostly caused by not have a clear set of goals for my day, week and month.

So I started with lists, creating a list for each day with the task’s that I wanted to achieve. Although this really helped at first, I soon realized that I was creating large list with no end in site. I could visually see all the things I needed to accomplish but I still didn’t want to perform each task. It’s only once I started to really drill down onto each task, set an importance, and a reason why it had to be done did I actually start to become more productive.

planner-guideHow can you get started? Let’s start with how you can stay productive each day. The most obvious way to keep track of your daily tasks is to use a planner. I found a ton of planners on Amazon but I really didn’t find any that tickled my fancy, I figured if I’m going to use this thing every day it better be really freaking cute. I found a blog that searches the web for cute office products and I found a blog post on their favourite cute 2017 planners.

If having a planner with you all the time seems like a pain, you can also use to-do list, I found a bunch of great to-do lists on Etsy. If you’re more technically minded you can use a free online app called Wunderlist to keep yourself organized. They even have an app for your phone so you can stay in sync with your tasks when you’re on the go.

As far as staying productive on a monthly level, I’ve found it really helpful to keep track of longer project on a calendar. However, instead of buying a calendar and scribbling all over it, I found getting buy calendars online that I can print from my printer to be the most efficient way to track my monthly goals. Again, The Pretty Office Things Blog as rounded up a number of great 2017 printable calendars. I bought a couple of these so I can change it up as I go. I also really like I idea of being able to tear one up and print it again if my plans for the month change.

Getting on track with my goals and keeping a concise list of my tasks has been a massive help when I comes to my productivity, I really hope this has helped some of you and if you’re struggle with procrastination definitely give some of the above tips a try.


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