Reasons Sleeping Boosts Performance – Research, Statistics, And Finding

Did you know sleep goes hand in hand with performance? According to research by The National Sleep Foundation showed that better sleep is linked to improved physical and mental performance. The same research showed that even a brief nap could boost learning, memory and creative problem solving.

There are also other studies that strengthen the connection between sleeping to physical and mental performance.

According to research conducted back in 2010 by Harvard study showed that dreams could reactivate and reorganize recently learned materials and overall physical activities.  In this study, volunteers who were taken randomly were required not to sleep for one full day. Later, they were presented and required to navigate through a complex maze in 90 minutes. Only 2% of the volunteers completed the task successfully under the specified time; 10% did not complete the task under the required time but completed the task, and the rest were unable to complete the task.

Later, the same volunteers were taken to a room where they were requested to have a good sleep. Later, they were given another complex maze to complete less than 90 minutes. It was reported that 97% of the number completed the task in time where the others did not complete within the time, but did complete the task.

It is a well-known fact that physical activities deplete energy, body fluids and breaks down muscles. Because of this, time is needed to allow them to build up and even heal torn or worn-out muscles. According to scientific research, it showed that muscle and worn-out muscles can only be repaired through sleeping. It does also play a big part in muscle building and replenishing nutrients. Overall, sleeping helps in maintaining accuracy, speed and body endurance to athletes and everyone whose roles, work or activities involves physical movement.

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