The Best Way To Speak To Locals When Travelling

While traveling to new countries can be exciting, it can also be intimidating. A lot of people don’t know how they should behave when they interact with locals. Different countries have different customs; there’s no standard when it comes to behaviour. In fact, there are often a lot of cultural differences in different parts of the same country. Because of this, it’s important to always be prepared when you travel. If you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find out how to speak to locals when traveling.

Research In Advance

As soon as you’ve decided what your travel destination will be, you should start doing some research. Find out what the area is like, and how the people who live there generally behave. LonelyPlanet is a great resource for learning about the customs and languages of different countries.

It can be especially valuable to learn about things that are considered to be rude in certain countries. You don’t want to make a gesture that will offend people. Focus on learning the basics of polite behavior in that area.

Take A Course

There are many free ways to learn languages. Of course, you can always take the traditional role and apply for a college course. That being said, there are many other free ways to learn other languages. One great resource is the free app Duolingo. Using this app a little bit each day will help your build your conversational Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

For those speak looking to learn or improve their English, there are plenty of resources for you as well. You can always check out Rosetta Stone’s Classes. If you’re looking for something closer to your budget, AJ Hoge’s course How to Speak English is a phenomenal way to introduce yourself to new words, phrases and conversations. See the video below to learn more about that.

In addition to all this, you can always head to your local library or book store and starting reading up on your favourite languages and places. That leads straight into our next point!

Learn A Few Key Phrases

Unless you have a huge start, there’s no way you’re going to be able to master a language before your trip. Instead, you should try to learn a few essential phrases.

Learn how to ask for a few simple things, like the time and directions. You should also learn how to greet people and how to say thank you. It’s easy to learn simple phrases like this with the right instructional materials at your disposal.


Talk To Other Travellers

There are a lot of communities online that are aimed at travellers. Take advantage of some of these communities and get to know people who have already traveled to these areas. Meeting people at hostels and other areas where lots of travellers meet is a great way get to know people and start conversations.

If you talk to these people, they should be more than happy to let you know what you should know before some travel. In fact, you may be able to learn from their mistakes; most people will be happy to tell you want went wrong during their trip.

Make friends with other travellers and gather the information you need in order to have a successful trip.

As long as you keep these suggestions in mind, you should be able to learn how to speak to locals when traveling. Doing a little research can make you a lot more comfortable on your trip, and can help to ensure that you have an enjoyable vacation.

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