Hope for a Renewed Life

Welcome to Amber Festival Recovery Centre (AFRC).  We are found in the serene environment of St. Clement Island in Maryland.

The spirit of AFRC is Hope for a Renewed Life.

Have you been battling addiction? We will support you through the journey to a renewed life.

AFRC is the home to those struggling with heroin addiction and substance abuse. We also treat co-occurring mental health disorders. By going through our treatment programs, you will renew your dreams and attain life-long sobriety.

Our Research-Backed Interventions

We structure our programs around client-centered, strengths-based, research-backed approaches.

These approaches are:

The skills learned in CBT will help you not just in recovery but relapse prevention.

These motivational incentives are highly effective in helping you pull through treatment. They also promote drugs abstinence.

Pharmacotherapies will treat any co-occurring mental disorders, manage withdrawals and support detox programs.

This intensive outpatient program will make abstinence more rewarding.

Why Come to Amber Festival Recovery Centre?

At AFRC, we address addiction treatment and recovery holistically. Our programs incorporate your physical and emotional fitness as well. Our mindfulness exercises will help you develop cognitive stamina to help you pull through recovery and attain life-long sobriety.

We understand that you require the support of family and friends. Family support increases the likelihood of sustained recovery. Our Family Care program brings your dear ones on board.

Our relationship with you does not terminate at the end of treatment. This is because we know that recovery is a lifelong journey and that relapse does not mean failure. Through our alumni and aftercare program, we will be here whenever you need us.

Contact us for your treatment needs or those of your loved one. A timely intervention will put you on the road to recovery.