Here at Amber Festival Recovery Center, we recognize that untreated addictions are chronic, progressive and fatal diseases. Timely interventions are critical to nip this disease in the bud.

Look at our quality programs that will help you get back on track.

Outpatient Program

The outpatient program is an excellent way to go through treatment without disrupting your normal life. It reduces the stigma linked with rehab. The whole world will not know that you are on drug therapy.

Residential Treatment Program (RTP)

The residential treatment program is for the those who need an immersive treatment program. We run round the clock medical care with stable living conditions.

After successfully completing the RTP, you continue with therapy under the outpatient program.

Alumni and After Care Program

We recognize that recovery is a lifelong process and that relapse is not a failure. The alumni program offers constant support for people who have gone through our programs.

We organize alumni events and facilitate AA and NA meetings.

Family Care Programs

We have created a family support program for those under treatment. This is because we know that addiction is a disease that affects the addict and those who love him.

Our family care program members meet every two weeks. The family care program aims to help manage expectations and educate families on addiction.

The affected families share in a loving, safe environment.