We are a dedicated team of addiction and mental health experts.

Our common goal is to support individuals who are battling addiction and their families.

Meet this team of committed, compassionate individuals.

Dr. James Harley

James has over 25 years’ experience in mental health, addictions, and dual diagnosis.

A Certified Addictions Counselor, James has held several positions in esteemed institutes like the John Hopkins Hospital.

James has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, an MSC in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and a Ph.D. degree from Loyola University Maryland.

He has several addiction research publications in his belt.

Alannah Cranswick

Alannah is a certified psychiatrist. She has over ten years’ experience helping individuals with co-occurring mental disorders.

She is an expert in Solution-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Family Counselling.

Alannah holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, and an MSC in Psychiatry from the Capella University, Minnesota.

She is a valuable member of the team.

Georgia Atkinson

Georgia is an expert in Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. With over 15 years’ experience in the field of addiction treatment, Georgia has several publications in her name.

Georgia holds a BSC in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University and an MSC in addiction Counselling from East Carolina University.

Georgia is enthusiastic about helping individuals overcome addiction and uphold sobriety.

Harrison Gill

Harrison is a recovering heroin addict who has been clean for 15 years. He understands addiction first hand. He brings in a wealth of experience since he has been in the field of addiction treatment for the last ten years.

Harrison holds a BSC in psychology from St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia and an MSC in addiction counseling from the University of California-San Diego.

Join us and make a whole lot of difference for addicts and their families.